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ACS among people who use drugs (PWUD)

As of 31 December 2016, 1,680 PWUD were included in the ACS and contributed 28,194 visits. In 2014, the cohort was closed to new participants. Regular follow up of PWUD continued until February 2016. All PWUD who had ever participated in the ACS were then invited for an end-of-study interview and follow up was successfully ended in July 2016.


Of the 1,680 PWUD, 323 were HIV-positive at entry, and 99 seroconverted during follow up. The last HIV seroconversion was seen in 2012. By 31 December 2016, 576 deaths had been confirmed among PWUD. The median age of the PWUD who visited the ACS in 2016 was 55 (IQR 49-59) years, 8.1% had attained a high level of education, and 63.4% were born in the Netherlands. Research on data this cohort is still ongoing.

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